Our Car Mechanical Lilydale workshop provides the unmatchable LPG Gas Tank Testing in Melbourne. According to the Australia standards every LPG gas tank should be inspected for every ten years by the Licensed Boiler Inspector or an Approved Gas Cylinder Testing Station. For many years back LPG has been used in vehicles. We provide the complete inspection of your gas tank such that it meets the standards of Australia. An LPG gas tank testing in Melbourne has been necessary to replace the components regularly. We have been certified from VACC.

We ensure everything to cover testing LPG gas, structural condition in all aspects.. Our technicians can assist you whenever the vehicle frequently getting a gas service by fully checking LPG gas tank. Our quality assured LPG gas tank testing in Melbourne mostly involves refineries, pipelines, and other functional parts. Depending on the service you possessed, we charge that much of equivalently. By receiving our service you will have a pleasant and hassle free motoring. So that you can get better economy as well as most fuel saving.

Our Inspections include:

External Inspection

We inspect the external part of the tank and look for damage or alterations that may include pits, bulges, dents, digs, cuts & line corrosions. Special attention is paid to repaint cylinders as they may have been heat treated or had dents and gouges filled. Dents, digs and other damages will affect the integrity of the high pressure vessel and they can fail test as a result. So we make sure that all the parts are inspected and perform the necessary repairs.

Internal inspections

We use the state-of-art and latest tools to conduct these internal inspections to look for rust, scale, corrosion or oil or any other surface contaminated.

Our certified LPG gas tank testing service in Melbourne can extend its life period. In some cases, it may difficult to remove other components to gain access the tank itself. This is why the cost of testing and LPG tank will vary from vehicle to vehicle. AG Autogas is the one stop solution for your LPG gas tank testing in Melbourne. Call us 03 9739 4999 to avail our services.