4WD Services & Repairs Melbourne

Whether you’re a die-hard 4X4 lover or if you just relish the comfort and safety of daily SUV driving, the skilled and specialist technicians at AG Automotive & LPG are here for all your 4×4 needs.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Major service

  • Standard service

  • Minor service

  • Manufacturer’s Servicing (Log book Service)

  • Expert advice

  • Cooling System Service & Repairs

  • Brakes and clutches Repairs

  • Swivel Housing and Front Axle Overhauls

  • Wheel Bearing repacks and replacement

  • Suspension repairs and upgrades

  • Universal joint replacement

  • Drive shaft repairs

  • Fuel system repairs

  • Engine repairs

  • Steering, Repairs, Wheel Alignment and Balance

  • Gearbox overhauls & repairs

  • Transfer case overhauls& repairs

  • Differential overhauls& repairs

  • All types of Mechanical repairs

  • Auto Electrical repairs

  • Air-conditioning repairs

  • Pre purchase inspections

  • Pre-trip servicing

  • Pre-trip inspections

  • Modifications and accessory fitting

4WD Service & Repairs Melbourne

Make your next trip away a smooth one, Let the team at AG Autogas look after your 4×4. We have a specialist fitter from ARB as one of our staff, we fit wheel carriers from Kaymar, Long range fuel tanks from LRA & Brown and davis, Bullbars and rock sliders from Raslarr and many other parts from many other suppliers, all you have to do is ask.