4WD Repairs & Services in Melbourne

Four-wheel-drive vehicles enable you to experience a lot of adventures like camping tours and road trips. Such adventures will be comfortable and safe if you have a properly functional four-wheel-drive vehicle. To ensure that your next road trip is fun-filled, you must maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle by servicing your 4WD system.

AG Autogas has been offering 4WD servicing in Lilydale and surrounding suburbs for the past few decades. Our team of professionals include tremendously talented 4WD mechanics that repair and maintain your four-wheel-drive vehicles. We have industry-standard tools and equipment to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free 4WD service.

4WD Service & Repairs Melbourne

Why Choose Our Fully Equipped 4WD Shop in Melbourne

Mechanics undertaking 4WD servicing need specialised skills and tools as four-wheel-drive vehicles operate differently than regular cars. Getting a 4WD service done through technicians who are not qualified enough will do more harm to your vehicle than good. We are dependable and recognised mechanics that perform 4WD repairs & 4WD wheel alignment in Melbourne. Whether it’s a logbook service or scheduled maintenance, our team will take care of anything and everything related to your four-wheel-drive vehicle. Here are a few reasons we are a one-stop solution for your 4WD needs:

  • Conduct mechanical repairs, routine maintenance, and logbook services
  • Perform LPG conversions, LPG tuning and repairs & LPG gas tank testing
  • Use specialised tools and techniques to check the functionality of every component of the 4WD vehicle
  • Accessorise and prepare the 4WD vehicle for a road trip
  • Conduct all types of custom work and upgrades
  • Perform repairs, replacements and servicing of parts

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Major service

  • Standard service

  • Minor service

  • Manufacturer’s Servicing (Log book Service)

  • Expert advice

  • Cooling System Service & Repairs

  • Brakes and clutches Repairs

  • Swivel Housing and Front Axle Overhauls

  • Wheel Bearing repacks and replacement

  • Suspension repairs and upgrades

  • Universal joint replacement

  • Drive shaft repairs

  • Fuel system repairs

  • Engine repairs

  • Steering, Repairs, Wheel Alignment and Balance

  • Gearbox overhauls & repairs

  • Transfer case overhauls& repairs

  • Differential overhauls& repairs

  • All types of Mechanical repairs

  • Auto Electrical repairs

  • Air-conditioning repairs

  • Pre purchase inspections

  • Pre-trip servicing

  • Pre-trip inspections

  • Modifications and accessory fitting

No need to search for “4WD service near me” anymore. Visit our service station and meet our team of amazing 4WD mechanics. Call us on (03) 9739 4999 or write to us at info@agautogas.com.au to book an appointment with us or to know more about quick and hassle-free 4WD servicing.