AG Autogas is your place for trustworthy car service and LPG Tuning and Repairs Melbourne:

Ever since AG Autogas was born out of a home garage in 1980, we have been serving customers and building our name as one of the best LPG conversion and car mechanic Melbourne. In 2017, long time employee David took over ownership from founder John. AG Autogas have kept the same staff, same equipment, and most importantly the same standards that have given us a reputation for being one of the oldest and most well-regarded names in the industry.

  • Over three decades of experience in LPG and car service Melbourne.
  • One of the pioneers of LPG service in Melbourne.
  • Reputation for high quality of customer-centric service.
  • Experienced, fully trained and licensed mechanics in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne’s best place for LPG service.

Find a professional LPG repair and LPG Conversion Melbourne at AG Autogas:

AG Autogas has been at the forefront of LPG servicing and conversion for over three decades. Many LPG servicemen around Melbourne have learned the trade at AG Autogas. Over the years, we have served thousands of LPG clients and have performed thousands of LPG conversions with the highest rates of customer satisfaction.

It is never too late to get your car converted to LPG. Some benefits include:

    • LPG is typically less than half the cost of other fuels:

– If you drive 15000kms in a year, you will pay off the cost of your LPG conversion in approximately 3 years in fuel savings.

    • LPG is perfectly safe to be installed in your car:

– The LPG tank is designed with thick steel, capable of withstanding multiple times the pressure of what is seen during normal use.
– Pressure valves means that safe pressure is maintained in the internal tank at all times.
– Automatic shut-off systems mean LPG stops flowing in the event of an engine breakdown.
– LPG is less flammable than petrol and has a much higher ignition tolerance.

  • LPG emits 15% less CO2 emissions than petrol cars.
  • A well fitted LPG system will result in no loss of power, and a liquid injected LPG system can net up to a 5% increase in power.

When you bring your car for an LPG conversion, AG Autogas will walk you through the process and its impact on your car:

  • An LPG tank will be installed, generally in the boot or under the car if there is space.
  • A converter will be installed to transfer liquid gas into vapours that can be used by the engine.
  • An LPG injector will be installed to ensure there is an optimal mix of air and LPG. This will ensure that you will get as much power out of the system as possible.
  • Safety measures such as pressure valves and fuel locks will be implemented to ensure that your LPG system exceeds Australian safety standard AS1425.

LPG conversions must be performed to Australian safety standards. AG Autogas will fit all conversions with a certificate of compliance with AS1425.

If you are looking for LPG conversion and service, AG Autogas has had a reputation for strong customer service for over three decades. During that time, AG Autogas has also created a local reputation for being the best Melbourne service centre.Built over almost 40 years is a history of satisfied mechanical and LPG customers, and we will make every endeavour to ensure satisfied customers continue to walk out of our workshop into the future. Whether you’re looking for LPG or mechanic work, call AG Autogas on (03) 9739 4999 and you won’t be disappointed.

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