Do you require an expert LPG installer in Melbourne? And are you looking for exceptional LPG installation services in Melbourne? Than Car Mechanic Lilydale is the perfect workshop to resolve all your issues regarding LPG installations Melbourne to get back your vehicle on road within no time. Converting your car to LPG will save you lots of money when compared to fuel vehicles. We also offer LPG tuning and repairs Melbourne, LPG conversions and much more at reasonable prices.

Car Mechanic Lilydale has been in this industry for the past 30 years and its team aim is to find accurate solutions to your LPG installations in Melbourne. We make sure that the kit is installed by professional LPG Installers Melbourne according to the rules and regulations of the Melbourne board for proper assembling of the actuators. All our LPG installers Melbourne are highly skilled with extensive knowledge on LPG installations Melbourne. We are equipped with latest technology equipment for diagnosis and repair of the fuel systems. We also make sure that the high-pressure components are tightened by subjecting them to a 3 MPa hydraulic-test. Generally the LPG kit we install consists of the following parts:

  • Control Unit
  • Filler Valve
  • Step motor or a Gas Adjuster
  • Gas Switch
  • Reducer
  • Mixer
  • LPG Solenoid Valve
  • Lambda
  • Multivalve
  • Gas Tight Box
  • Emulator

We ensure that all these parts are composed in LPG kit are installed according to the rules and regulations of the Australian regulation.

LPG Installations Melbourne:

When you bring your car for LPG installation in Melbourne to AG Autogas and Mechanical, then the following components are needed to be changed as follows:

  • LPG tank will be installed either in the bottom or in the boot of the car.
  • A converter is installed so as to convert the liquid gas to vapor
  • An LPG injector will be installed to make sure the right amount of air and LPG is mixed to power the car.
  • A fuel lock is placed to stop the fuel flow to the engine, once it got shut down.

So do you have any queries regarding LPG installations, call us at 03 97394999 to speak with your professional directly or to get a quote for your services.