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You must be familiar with Liquified Petroleum Gas, widely known as LPG, which has its use in running vehicles as well as heating appliances in your homes. The LPG fuel is a combination of propane & butane mixes with propylene & butylene. To identify its release, a substance is added to give it an odor.

The LPG has gained prominence across Melbourne with the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel. Using LPG for your vehicles comes with respective LPG Tuning and Repairs. AG Autogas insists on regular LPG tuning and repairs (if any) in Melbourne for the smooth and improved performance of your vehicle. Listed below are a few LPG repair services offered at AG Autogas in Melbourne:

LPG Tuning and repairs
  • LPG gas conversion for cars of different makes and models
  • LPG gas tuning and repairs
  • Normal car repairs
  • Inspection for the roadworthiness of your vehicle
  • Inspection of Roadworthiness of LPG fuelled vehicles
  • LPG tank testing

The Best LPG Tuning & Tank Repair Centre in Melbourne

A car using LPG gas will need a different tank than that using other fuels. Welded heavy steel is used for LPG gas in your car. The thickness depends on the tank design, which makes it resistant to puncture. This tank is strong enough to withstand the test of time, unlike the diesel or petrol tanks. LPG has a high-octane rating. This means that the power output of an LPG engine and its fuel efficiency can be tuned to raise its bar beyond expectations. LPG tuning in Melbourne can be easily received at AG Autogas. Hence tuning your car’s LPG engine can improve the power compared to otherwise. AG Autogas has few steps in tank repair in Melbourne as follows:

  1. Internal Inspection: This is to examine the consumption and the impact on the gear. The valve string is also cleaned during this process.
  2. External tank inspection: To identify any cuts, lines, and pits on the tank, an external inspection is mandatory.
  3. Tank pressure: The pressure is checked to identify any breaks in the tank.

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It is crucial to not ignore LPG tank inspection considering your security. Get hassle-free LPG tuning and tank Repairs at AG Autogas at an affordable cost in and around Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9739 4999 to get your free quote today.