Roadworthy Certificate for Your Vehicle in Melbourne

As per the Australian standards, a Roadworthy Certificate is mandatory if your light vehicle is up for sale. This is just to ensure that the vehicle offered for sale is safe to hit the road, for the buyers to note. AG Autogas provides vehicle inspection services before purchasing for all vehicles in Melbourne. This affirms a minimum safety standard for the vehicle on sale. It involves the inspection of brakes, body rust, steering suspension, tyres, etc.


The Roadworthy Certificate or RWC we offer in Melbourne is valid for two months from the day of issue or 2000 km, whichever approaches first. This is the scenario when you are selling a car. However, we do not disappoint any vehicle buyers. We have an inspection service for them too. If you are about to purchase a vehicle, drop by our service centre in Melbourne to get the vehicle inspected thoroughly. You can rely on us for a complete safety check of the car you have planned to buy.

Get Your Certificate of Roadworthiness

Numerous service centres provide a roadworthy certificate. However, not everyone inspects your vehicle with the utmost care as we do. AG Autogas has talented vehicle inspection specialists to conduct a detailed examination of the vehicle. This is to ensure that the vehicle complies with all the Australian standards concerning vehicle safety.

AG Autogas ensures the safe operation of the following vehicle parts such as Brakes,

Seats/Seatbelts, Steering components, and Suspension, after the inspection. They also verify the safety of Wheels, Windscreen/wipers, Body rust, and Exhaust along with lights and electrical components. Our vehicle inspection specialist with exceptional skill inspects every nook and corner of the vehicle and provide an accurate report to certify the vehicle you intend to buy. We work towards not just the safety of your vehicle, but the safety of you and your family.

  • Wheels/Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Steering components
  • Suspension
  • Seats/Seatbelts
  • Body rust or damage
  • Windscreen/wipers
  • Lights/Electrical
  • Exhaust

Where to Get Your RWC in Melbourne

If you are looking for a personalized inspection along with a formal inspection to check the vehicle’s compliance with the Australian standards, head straight to AG Autogas, the widely touted service centre in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9739 4999 to talk to our courteous staff and book your appointment to get your Roadworthy Certificate or RWC at the earliest. Our team of specialists will give you a detailed review and suggestions if any to get you going with the sale or purchase of the vehicle. Get your free quote today!