Car LPG Tank Testing Service at an Affordable Cost in Melbourne

If you are looking for unmatched Vehicle LPG Gas tank testing, visit us at AG Autogas in Melbourne. The LPG gas cylinder testing cost we quote is affordable without compromising the quality of services offered by our expert team of mechanics. Listed below are a few of the many LPG Gas Tank testing conducted at AG Autogas.

  • LPG vapour pressure – This is to test the pressure of the gas passing through the tank. Any hole in the tank can be detected if there is pressure variation.
LPG Tank Testing Service
  • LPG Odour – Odour of the LPG is another crucial way to test your LPG tank. If not for this odour, any gas leak would go undetected, which may lead to ignition. This odour helps us identify the leak immediately.
  • LPG Corrosion, Copper Strip Test – Colour testing and copper strips are used to identify any corrosion. As copper and brass do not spark, these are the ideal material for the tank. However, any corrosion could lead to a disaster in presence of sulfur compounds.
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Test – This chemical is both corrosive and toxic because of which the tank should be free from Hydrogen Sulphide. It is tested using lead acetate paper.

LPG Gas Tank Regulations & Inspection Specialist in Melbourne

As per Australian LPG tank regulations, the LPG gas tank inspection should be conducted once every ten years. The expiry date will be stamped on the gas container. AG Autogas conducts both external and internal auto gas tank inspection:

  1. External car LPG tank testing – As the name indicates, any damage to the external part of the tank is identified at this stage. Look out for any bulges, pits, line corrosions, dents, cuts, and digs. Painting is mandatory for the cylinders as they could be filled with gashes or would have been heat-treated. Any defects on the tank are harmful to the performance of the high-pressure vessel. This could lead to a failed inspection result. Hence all parts have to be thoroughly inspected and repaired if required.
  2. Internal LPG gas tank testing – We inspect the internal parts of the tank to find rust, corrosion, oil, or any other contamination on the surface using high-quality equipment. Any existing defect is repaired or replaced quickly.

Perfect LPG Gas Tank Testing in Melbourne

AG Autogas is the perfect answer to your quest for an affordable car LPG tank inspection specialist in Melbourne. We use top-notch equipment to ensure accurate inspection of your vehicle. Contact us on (03) 9739 4999 to talk to our friendly professionals to get your slots booked for the LPG Gas Tank testing of your car soon. You can also mail us at to get your free quote today.