LPG Servicing Specialist in Melbourne

An unorganized LPG fuel user will face an increase in expense if the vehicle is not maintained, though they have converted their car to LPG from petrol or diesel. It requires periodic maintenance to remove any waste deposit before it reaches an alarming rate. AG Autogas provides periodic and professional LPG servicing to help you reduce your maintenance cost. We provide the most trusted LPG mechanic service in Melbourne. Our team of trained and certified specialists has years of unmatched experience. Our repairs and services comprise of diagnosis of the gas injection system, calibrations, LPG converter fitting & replacement, and related repair works.

Expert LPG Mechanics Providing Major LPG Services in Melbourne

Your safety is vital for an expert to provide regular LPG servicing of your car. Here are a few reasons to choose us for your LPG vehicle servicing:

  • By default, LPG is highly inflammable. This makes it mandatory for only an authorized and trained worker to do any work on the LPG parts.
  • It is ideal to do any repairs by the same fitter as the initial set up of your LPG system.
  • You should approach a certified mechanic rather than a random mechanical shop that may be ignorant about the existing rule.
  • A periodic check of the piping and tank system helps in identifying a leakage. The LPG tank should be checked to ensure that it complies with statutory requirements
  • Running your vehicle for 5-7 km in petrol will keep the petrol system healthy after 100-150 km running in LPG mode.

Contact the Authorized LPG Mechanic in Melbourne

AG Autogas is the authorized LPG mechanic company in Melbourne. It is our pride to offer you unmatched LPG services for vehicles in Melbourne. As an LPG accredited company, we provide you with safe LPG service for your vehicle adhering to all the legal requirements. You can expect nothing less than high-quality services from our professionals. With highly trained mechanics, we can provide you with LPG services at an affordable price. Our expert LPG mechanic undertakes a complete check of your vehicle to ensure your safety. Mail us at info@agautogas.com.au to get your no-obligation quote today!