Install LPG System From the Best LPG Installers in Melbourne

So, have you made up your mind to convert your vehicle to an LPG vehicle? You have taken a pit stop at the right place. AG Autogas is the perfect solution for your car’s LPG gas installation requirement. In a world striving to protect our environment, this is a perfect solution to save our environment and prolong your car engine. Most cars of different makes and models can be run using LPG after LPG installation. All the kits we install abide by the LPG installation regulations of Melbourne. Our LPG system installation services involve the installation of the following parts such as mixer, gas switch, control unit, multivalve, and filler valve. We also install a reducer, LPG solenoid valve, step motor, lambda, emulator, and gas tight box. Here are a few benefits of installing your LPG system with us:

LPG System Installers
  • It is a myth that LPG damages your car engine. It will extend the life of the engine as cleaner fuel will ensure prolonged life of engine parts.
  • It heats your engine faster than petrol, which takes more time to warm. This is even possible with a completely cold engine.
  • It has no pre-ignition and ensures a smoother running
  • LPG is superior to petrol and diesel as the former one is cleaner.
  • It is more environmentally friendly than other fuels as it does not emit harmful smoke like petrol and diesel. LPG is sourced naturally in Australia, unlike other fuels.

Experienced Installers of LPG Gas at Affordable Costs in Melbourne

AG Autogas is the oldest and most experienced LPG installers in and around Melbourne at an affordable LPG installation cost. Our expert installers will give you a clear picture of what the process involved is, including the components which will have to be removed for a successful Gas installation in your car. Let us check the outline of the LPG gas installation process:

  • The LPG tank must be installed in the boot or bottom of the car.
  • A converter to convert liquid gas into vapor will be installed.
  • LPG injector is installed to ensure the right ratio of air is mixed with LPG to run the car.
  • Finally, a fuel lock is installed to prevent the fuel from flowing to the engine while the car is in power off mode.

Make sure that you approach a certified and licensed LPG installer like AG Autogas for a seamless installation of LPG in your car.

What Next? Contact the Best and Affordable LPG Installation Service Provider

AG Autogas is the one-stop-shop for the LPG installation of your car. With the latest equipment and technical knowledge of our certified professionals, your car is safe and secure for a quick and efficient installation of LPG in Melbourne. Mail us at to know more about the installation details or talk to our friendly staff to get your no-payment quote today!