Steering & Suspension Specialists in Melbourne

Most issues with car handling and your driving comfort can be traced back to the issues with the steering and suspension system. For instance, soft suspension can reduce responsiveness and cause body roll while turning corners. Our car suspension specialists will find and fix the issues with your car steering system. Our team of certified mechanics have extensive experience in power steering repairs and have access to cutting-edge tools & equipment. We perform power steering reconditioning and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles as we believe that no job is too small or too big. Our technicians have the necessary skills and industry experience to provide you with high-quality power steering repairs that will last long. Our car suspension services include:

services steering Suspension
  • Inspection of steering and suspension components

  • Maintenance of steering and suspension components

  • Replacement of suspension springs

  • Repair and replacement of shock absorbers

  • Repair and replacement of a strut

  • Replacement of power steering pump

  • Power steering fluid change and flush

  • Repair and replacement of steering wheel

  • Front end alignment

  • Power steering box repairs

Car Power Steering and Suspension Repair Experts In Melbourne

Faulty steering components can make it difficult to handle the vehicle and may lead to accidents. Failing suspension components will provide a harsh and bumpy ride and is highly unsafe to the occupants of your vehicle. Regular inspection of the steering and suspension system is necessary to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle and also to ensure a smooth and safe drive.
There are many components in these systems that can wear out or fail, including:
  • Shock absorbers, struts and dampers

  • Coil springs and leaf springs

  • Ball joints

  • Tie rod ends

  • Control arms

  • Power steering rack

  • Steering box

  • Power steering pump

Signs your Power Steering needs alert

  • Vibration when accelerating

  • Boot grease marks

  • Bonding sound when turning

  • Rough or hard ride

  • Irregular tyre wear

  • Erratic steering

We thoroughly inspect your vehicle to detect the signs and symptoms of a defective steering and suspension system. We then offer the best possible solution that will ensure your safety on the road. Ignoring minor issues will cost your safety and will lead to expensive repairs. Call us on (03) 9739 4999 or write to us at to talk to our car suspension specialists and to know more about power steering repairs.