Brake and Clutch Service Specialist in Melbourne

Regular servicing of the clutch and brake systems in your vehicle is important not only for the optimal performance of your vehicle but also for your safety. Malfunctioning brake and clutch systems will not only impact the performance of your vehicle but also endanger the occupants of your vehicle.

At AG Autogas, we offer brake repairs and clutch replacement for cars and 4WD vehicles. We thoroughly inspect your vehicle and perform high-quality repairs & replacements along with regular car brake services. Our team of certified brake mechanics provide exceptional brake services on all makes and models of vehicles, which helps in distinguishing us from the rest of the market. Our range of brake and clutch services include:

  • Brake and clutch system inspection

  • Replacement of brake pad

  • Replacement of brake shoe

  • Brake fluid change and flush

  • Machining of brake disc and drum

  • Grinding of the clutch flywheel

  • Replacement of the clutch disc

  • Replacement of the clutch flywheel

  • Replacement of pressure plate and master cylinder

  • Replacement of the slave cylinder

  • Clutch fluid change and flush

Break & Clutch Repairs in Melbourne

Affordable Brake & Clutch Repairs in Melbourne

We offer affordable car brake repair services with a quick turnaround time as we have specialised tools and equipment along with a wide range of original company components to fix your vehicle. Our brake specialists are prompt, reliable, and friendly, and will provide you with a hassle-free repair experience. The components of your car brake and clutch system are thoroughly inspected before determining the type of repair or rectification that is needed. We discuss the best possible solution and get your approval before moving forward with the repair process.

At AG Autogas, we provide premium-quality car brake services at affordable pricing. Call us on (03) 9739 4999 or write to us at to talk to our friendly staff & to know more about brake and clutch systems or to get car brake repairs done in and around Melbourne.