LPG Conversion Experts in Melbourne

If you are trying to cut your fuel bill, you should consider autogas conversions from AG Autogas. We are recognized as one of the best LPG vehicle conversion company with enormous experience over decades. If you are planning to get your car converted to LPG, here is the first thing you should know. Our specialist team will proceed with the autogas conversion only if your car is mechanically in a good condition.

LPG conversions Service

Now if you are thinking about the process, it is quite simple. It will not alter your existing car engine. It will require an additional fuel system. Hence if your car has undergone autogas conversions, it can be run both on LPG and petrol. The switch attached to the dashboard of your car will allow you to switch between your LPG and petrol fuel system at your convenience. Let us walk through the types of LPG conversions that we use at AG Autogas in Melbourne.

  • Dual-Fuel: You can switch your vehicle engine between an LPG engine and a petrol engine. However, this is different from LPG and diesel engines.
  • Dedicated gas: Just like you are dedicated to something while you work, in this type of LPG conversion, your car fuel system can be made to run only on an LPG system. LPG tuning will negate the fuel consumption and power loss normally seen in a dual fuel system. However, this is possible only if LPG is easily available in your area.
  • LPG and diesel engine: Just like a petrol engine, a diesel engine also cannot be used for LPG fuel. However, you can choose an engine that can operate with a mixture of LPG and diesel and still reduce fuel cost.

Reliable Mechanical Repairs for All Vehicles in Melbourne 

AG Autogas uses state of the art equipment for Autogas conversions of your vehicle. Our trained experts will provide you with a seamless LPG conversion experience in Melbourne. Here are a few reasons you should consider LPG vehicle conversion at AG Autogas:

  1. Reduced running cost: You will make an impressive saving during the use of this car as LPG tuning with us can give your better results with your LPG system.
  2. LPG conversion price: We not only help to cut your running cost but also provide the conversion to LPG at affordable rates across Melbourne.
  3. Reduced maintenance cost: If you maintain your car engine regularly, your maintenance cost will be reduced as there will be less waste deposit in the tank. You can also choose to appoint a maintenance service with us at a regular period to keep a check on the waste deposit.
  4. Hygienic environment: We maintain a very neat and healthy environment for our employees to work. Hence, we take care of your car without compromising its tidiness and hygiene.

Choose the Best Autogas Conversion Company in Melbourne

AG Autogas is the best autogas conversions company with their expert team to convert your car from petrol or diesel fuel to LPG to help you slash your fuel expense. Call us on (03) 9739 4999 to ask more about the LPG conversion process at AG Autogas in Melbourne.