How Did LPG Tank Become the Best for Your Car?

There has been a lot of debate around which fuel is the best for cars. Almost every type of fuel has its benefits but when you compare one to the other LPG stands above all. Here’s why many car manufacturers and owners prefer to have LPG running through their machine-

  • Superior Thermodynamics- A car that runs on LPG heats the cold engine quicker. Unlike a petrol engine which takes longer and in turn consumes more fuel
  • LPG Converter: Many car manufacturers are adding the LPG conversion feature to their vehicles. LPG Conversion in simple terms means the addition of a secondary fuel system; this enables the vehicle to operate using two different fuel systems.
  • Burns Clean: In comparison to other fuels LPG burns more efficiently. This reduces any possible damage to the engine while prolonging its life.
  • Better Rated: Given the fact that LPG has over 100 octanes it is rated above petrol. A fuel with 100 octanes is recommended for cars with high compression engines.
  • No Ethanol No Damage: The reason why LPG does not cause much damage to engines is because it does not have ethanol in it. Fuel with ethanol can damage rubber and plastic-based systems in a car.
  • Low Carbon Residue: LPG leaves behind a very low carbon output. This means that the residual output of LPG is extremely low in comparison to other fuels
  • No Compromise to Warranty: Adding an LPG conversion system to a car will never affect the vehicle’s warranty. Most branded cars come with an option to add the LPG conversion system.
  • Australian LPG is the Best- Unlike other countries; LPG in Australia is sourced from natural gas streams. LPG sources from oil refineries have loads of impurities in them which can damage the vehicle.

Everything you need to know about LPG service

It is very important to take your car for an LPG or autogas tune up. Many service centres provide LPG Tuning and Repairs but no one gets it right like Car Mechanic Lilydale. Here is the LPG tune up services that they offer: